fast easy paleo meals

How to make a week of healthy on-the-go meals in 1 hour

fast easy paleo meals

I’ve put together a new cheat sheet for Thrive Primal Club members that I think you’re going to find super helpful. Become a member for free below – it only takes a sec.

If you’re stuck in the pattern of buying unhealthy over-priced junk for breakfast and lunch during the work week, this cheat sheet will help you jump that ship for good! Spend just one hour on Sunday whipping up easy fast paleo meals to pack along – you’ll never have an excuse again. Get ready for more variety, flavour & energy throughout your week!

I’ve put a lot of work into this cheat sheet! It includes:

  • a menu for nourishing paleo breakfasts lunches and snacks
  • a kitchen gear list
  • a shopping & pantry-stock list
  • a “run of show” instruction list for maximum efficiency in the kitchen
  • a custom recipe for delicious banana chocolate protein muffins

It also includes links to awesome high quality products for your primal lifestyle, including non-toxic food storage and cooking gear, plus tasty ingredients for your recipes.

Everything is listed per-person, so it’s easy to simply multiply for the number of people in your household. It provides a nutrient-dense and varied menu for the week, which you can easily adjust according to your taste.

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and grab the free paleo meals cheat sheet


how to make fast easy paleo lunches, breakfasts, snacks


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