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  1. Good day, I must say that I was beyond elated at the prospect of beginning this journey with you after years and years of searching for answers regarding my candida overgrowth. I, as well, have spent too much money on this issue. At this point, I struggle to even pay bills, however, I have put my health first and foremost. The excitement I felt when I came across your site yesterday was like a miracle to me. I bought your ebook, printed it out and starting reading. Well, my bubble burst when I read about Himalayan pink salt. Salt, to me, is the enemy. I avoid ALL types of salt. I have to, otherwise it alters my brain. When I was a young woman (I am 62) I went to a special type of allergist in Toronto, Canada (where I still live) and he started to test me in a different way than other allergists. He gave me a microdose of what appeared to be just a simple water solution. He then asked me to go out into the waiting room and sit for a while. Well, all of a sudden, I felt SO horrible. I started weeping, tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I quietly peeked into his office and asked “what did you give me?” as I continued weeping. He said, “you my dear, are allergic to salt”. Wow, what an awakening that was for me. Salt so much alters my mood that I can get to the point of feeling suicidal. The ONLY thing that helps me if I realize that I have had salt (which I can tell, because I can feel a slight swelling only in my face) and I cry SO easily. Anything will trigger it. After seeing a naturopath a number of years ago, she determined that my constitutional homeopathic remedy was Nat Mur. If you are not familiar with homeopathy, Nat Mur is salt. Like treats like. This has been the only thing that saves me. I keep it on hand, just in case. For example, the other day, I was making my son some breakfast, using salted butter. I don’t use it but my husband and son do. I accidentally, without thinking, licked my fingers. Immediately, I could feel the change and had to take my Nat Mur. I know, it’s crazy. So, needless to say, this is my plight. This is a MAJOR disappointment to me that you write that Himalayan pink salt or unrefined sea salt is “vital”. In my situation, not so much. I would appreciate hearing from you on this matter. I am so sad this morning, as I write this, as my hope has been diminished AGAIN.

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks for making contact. Your salt allergy sounds truly awful, it sounds like you’ve really got your work cut out for you trying to manage that! Out of curiosity, are you able to eat seafood or other inherently salty foods? Have any specialists or allergists advised how you can get the salt your body needs without eliciting a reaction? Have you also tried putting yourself on an autoimmune protocol diet and then introducing tiny amounts of salt back into your diet to see how your body reacts? While this probably extends beyond my realm of expertise, it might be worth looking into some of the work Chris Kresser has done:

      Otherwise, I see no reason why the diet outlined in our anti-Candida ebook couldn’t help you to improve your health in general…minus the salt! Good luck on your journey.

      • Thank you SO much for your response, Mr. Nicolson. I went to the link you provided for Chris Kresser’s VERY scary article. I have left a comment and truly hope he responds. As for the autoimmune protocol, I will give it a try if it’s going to help in any way. Does this mean that I cannot follow the paleo anti-candida diet, which I have already started?

        I may make a doctor’s appt. next week. She’s a somewhat conventional physician so I have concerns that she may not accept my problem as being real. This is certainly not a made up story.

        Oh yes, it seems I am ok with lobster and shrimp, however, crab is a definite no.

        Thank you again.

        • Hi again Dianne,

          Happy to help. The Paleo anti-Candida diet shouldn’t clash too much with the autoimmune protocol, as the two are grounded in the same dietary basis. The autoimmune protocol just takes the Paleo diet a step further by removing certain problem foods and then letting you re-introduce them slowly, so you can see what you may or may not be allergic to. Yes conventional doctors do tend to downplay things, especially if they’re unable to accurately diagnose a condition. You’ve probably already done so, but if not it may be worth asking your doctor to run a full suite of blood tests.

          Good luck on your mission.

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