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This page is where I recommend high-quality products for your holistic lifestyle. I only share top-notch products and resources that I use myself, or have heard great reviews from people I trust.

This is about being a conscious consumer and only purchasing durable, non-toxic, reuseable products that we really need.

I’ve compiled all of my favourite stuff here for you to save some time on doing all that research and slogging through online reviews etc. You already have enough to do!

Click on each image below to access details & where to buy.

Sugar Detox Program

The 21 Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites and Practical Paleo


See my detailed post on this here.

Resolving Skin Issues Program

The Skintervention Guide by Liz Wolfe of Purely Primal Skincare

Skintervention guide - an actionable troubleshooting guide healthy skin naturally

See my detailed post on this here.

Non-toxic food storage

Storing your food in glass or stainless steel is really important for avoiding chemical leaching and estrogen-imitating substances which are known to put a toxic load on the liver and alter the function of our hormones. Here are some great ones that can even go straight in the oven (without the lid), so you can skip the nastiness of the microwave too! Click the images below for more details and where to buy:

Non-toxic stainless steel food storage

Ideally these containers wouldn’t contain materials that are petrochemical or mined from the earth, but short of dragging food around in an oiled hide, a dried gourd or a clay pot, that’s not really feasible in our modern world! But at least these are durable and will last a LONG time (or forever) if cared for properly. I still use similar dishes my grandmother has passed down to me!

Essential Oils

doTERRA therapeutic essential oils

See my detailed page on this here or here.

Dental Health

Orawellness natural dental care

 Healthy Living Resources

This is a growing collection of my favourite books, blogs, podcasts, programs, movies, magazines and videos to find more information on living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. These are great resources for you to grow your knowledge and become the healthiest person you know!


Chris Kresser

Fat Burning Man (Abel James)

The Health Bridge

Re-wild Yourself

The Primal Blueprint

Ancestral Nutrition

Empowered Sustenance

Holistic Squid

Wellness Mama

Underground Wellness

Affiliate Links

Some of the links on this site are for the purpose of sharing high-quality products or services that we use, love and recommend. If you buy items through these links, you pay the same price, however Thrive Primal receives a commission as a thank-you from the vendor for sharing their product. This is a way to keep Thrive Primal going and support the continued sharing of this valuable information. Thanks for showing your support by shopping through our affiliate links!

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