Thrive Primal is about shedding conventional dogma and taking responsibility for your own wellness.

It’s about being curious and conscious, making smart low-effort high-impact changes, that eventually add up to a lifestyle that is health-promoting, intentional, and beautiful!

Thrive Primal covers simple and friendly instructions on how to:

  • shop, cook & eat cleaner, more nourishing food (with an ancestral / paleo / primal approach)
  • use nutrition & natural remedies to prevent, manage or heal health conditions & chronic pain
  • make & use non-toxic cleaning and self care products
  • maintain or regain your natural effortless beauty and youth
  • take better care of yourself and your family
  • optimize hormone balance, mood, digestion, immunity and fertility
  • exercise efficiently, get better sleep & have solid energy
  • feed your soul by connecting with yourself, other people and the Earth
  • feel free and fulfilled living as the best version of yourself

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Liivi Hess

As one of fewer than 60 Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches in Canada, I’m trained to empower you with knowledge and help you grow into your ‘someday self’ a whole lot sooner.

Liivi Hess, holistic health coach

Check out my professional health & nutrition coaching website here.

I also write about nutrition and natural remedies at The Alternative Daily, and am currently training to be a childbirth doula through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association.

My wellness philosphy

The moment I stumbled upon the ancestral nutrition and real food movement; I was hooked! It was immediately clear to me that this is the only logical, scientifically-backed, full-circle theory for holistic wellness.

The idea is to eat, move and live more similarly to the way our ancestors did pre-agriculture and industrialization, since these are recent events in the scheme of human evolution, and we are poorly adapted to the lifestyle they impose on us.

Thrive Primal will help you explore disease prevention through nutrition, natural self care, and freedom lifestyle design. I hope to inspire you and learn together, so we can take positive control of our health and feel super every day!

Will Nicolson

Nicolson Environmental Profile Pic linkedinI’m Liivi’s hairier counterpart, and have the pleasure of contributing to and managing Thrive Primal.

An environmental scientist by trade, my passion for health developed in parallel with Liivi’s, however I haven’t taken quite as many steps as her to make it official! I still practice environmental management in a professional propensity, but I’m always researching and finding out more about health and nutrition, and like nothing better than to pass this useful knowledge on to others.

My other great passions are travel and fitness, and I’ve conveniently aligned these three into a trifecta of awesomeness at www.healthywealthytraveller.com. Check it out, to find out where we are in our travels and how we’re staying happy and healthy on the road.

Things you’ll often find Liivi doing:

  • collecting food from quality local markets and farms, or sometimes even foraging for wild foods
  • doing yoga or tabata in our living room in PJs
  • meditating on the shore of Lake Ontario (I’ll be meditating on the shore of a less-polluted lake soon, ha. But it’s still beautiful.)
  • petting my cute kitty cat Ollie or tantalizing him with string or crumpled up bits of paper
  • making music or watching old VHS’s with my 3 fabulous sisters
  • going on adventures with my hot man-partner Will (the word “boyfriend” doesn’t really cover it)
  • cooking up insanely tasty & nutritious primal meals, also with Will
  • occasionally feasting on whatever the **** I want, like Big Fat Burrito, or “normal” ice cream, or poutine!!
  • collecting dreams & wishes and alchemizing them into plans (the dreams & wishes part often happens on Pinterest)
  • poring over books and the computer learning ever more and more about nutrition, personal development & lifestyle design
  • frequenting indie music gigs as often as we can, sometimes travelling long distances (LOLLA!)
  • cycling, canoeing, walking, x-c skiing, or maybe even dogsledding around in beautiful natural surroundings

Liivi Hess dogsledding

Enjoying the sky above Lake Taupo, NZ

Enjoying the sky above Lake Taupo, NZ


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If you have trouble staying on track with your good habits (like I do), grab my breakthrough cheat sheets. They include a tracker which you can keep somewhere visible so you can’t ignore it. Often getting it down on paper is all you need to seal the deal and make real progress!

Thrive Primal health hacks cheat sheets

 If you’re a health coach, or passionate about wellness…

I’m always looking for awesome people to partner with. 2015 is going to be a HUGE year for me, and I’d like it to be for you too! If you want to learn how to duplicate my business model, check out this page for more info.

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