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How to Buy doTerra Essential Oils, Simplified

This page is for you if you’re ready to get your hands on some doTerra essential oils.

If you’re interested in the topic but want to learn more, check out this page.

Option 1: Retail

This is how to buy at regular retail price. The only reason I can think of to buy full-price is if you’re just grabbing one item, one time. The wholesale discount won’t be worth it in this case.

  • All you need to do is visit my personal doTerra shop here.
  • Click the “Shop” tab at the top of the page, select your oils, and pay through the website as you would with anything else.
  • Thanks for shopping with us! :)

Option 2: Wholesale – 25% off

With this option you score 25% off of all products. There is no requirement to spend any amount, or to buy every month, or to sell anything, ever. It’s like a Sam’s Club or Costco membership, except you can get the membership FREE if you buy a starter kit.

Grab a kit and get free membership

  • Simply sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 3182115, and choose ‘Wholesale’.
  • Choose one of the kits as your first product and the $35 membership fee will be waived.
  • See details on the kits here (this will open in a new tab so you can browse).
  • See my recommendations on which kit to choose below in the FAQs.

I don’t want a kit, I’ll pay the $35 membership fee

  • Simply sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 3182115, and choose ‘Wholesale’.
  • Choose your products ‘a la carte’, and the $35 fee will be added.
  • Membership renewal costs $25 after the first year, but you get a free bottle of peppermint when you renew, which is worth $27 retail

Option 3: Get free stuff and/or build a business

  • Simply sign up here with my Sponsor ID, 3182115, and choose ‘doTERRA Wellness Advocate’ in the Account Type section.
  • Choose one of the kits as your first product and the $35 membership fee will be waived. See details on the kits here (this will open in a new tab so you can browse), or see my recommendations on which kit to choose below in the FAQs.
  • Be sure to get in touch with me and let me know you’ve enrolled, so I can give you some pointers on how to turn your essential oils passion into a thriving business!

How to get more free stuff from doTerra:

  • We will go over how to set up a monthly LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order. You can change the order every month, and change the date it ships as well (very flexible).
  • If you want to build a business and earn bonuses you must spend $100 (100 PV) per month. This isn’t much considering it can cover all your health & wellness, personal care and home cleaning products.
  • If your order is over $125 (125 PV) and ships before the 15th of the month, you’ll get the free product of the month!
  • As you order each month, you will build up a discount over time:

doTerra Loyalty Rewards Program

This means after 13 months you could be ordering $125 worth of product but getting a free product, let’s say it’s worth $25, and getting 30% off. So you’d be getting $150 worth of product for $87.50. This isn’t taking into account redeeming shipping points that you collect every month, or any bonuses or commissions for sharing the oily lifestyle with others :)

At first I wasn’t into the whole LRP thing, but I quickly found that I wanted so many of the oils and other products that it’s all too easy to spend $125 per month, and I am limiting myself! Since I am building a business with doTerra I think of my LRP order as my ‘stock’ for the month.

In order to share or sell ANYTHING you need to be familiar with and passionate about the product. I wouldn’t be able to share doTerra as a business if I wasn’t engaged with all the wonderful benefits of the oils, and keeping a selection in my personal stash so that I can share them and send out samples to potential buyers.

Got Questions?

Which kit should I choose?

For most people starting with essential oils, I recommend the Home Essentials kit ($275) to start with, it’s a great deal with 15 mL bottles, plus the diffuser so you can use your oils aromatically! It’s a much better deal than the Family Physician kit ($150) – the bottles are only 5 mL and you don’t get the diffuser. The Family Physician seems cheap and tempting, but I don’t think it’s a great deal since you can pay $125 more for the Home Essentials, and get 3x the oils, plus a diffuser. A diffuser plays a huge part in how you use oils on a daily basis to support energy, immunity and stress relief.

If you are looking to detox or cleanse to start off with, for example if you have energy, digestion or Candida issues, the Cleanse & Restore ($195) is a great option, but you’ll probably want to add some single oils. I would definitely add at least Lavender, Peppermint and OnGuard to this. Or you can grab those with your next order.

If you have the cash, the Natural Solutions ($550) is a great way to COMPLETELY revamp and de-toxify your home and medicine cabinet in one fell swoop. I can help you learn how to put all these products to good use quickly.

If I enroll to purchase products at wholesale prices, does that mean I have to sell dōTERRA?

No! You always have the option to make a commission and residual income by enrolling others, but you absolutely do not have to. You can personally enroll simply for the benefit of the 25% discount.

How much does it cost to enroll?

The cost is $35 the first year. If you purchase one of dōTERRA’s enrollment kits when you sign up, the $35 fee is included in the price of your kit.

How much does the membership cost each year after the first year?

The cost after the first year is $25 to renew your membership each year, plus they send you a bottle of Peppermint essential oil when you renew ($27.33, retail value).

Why is there a fee to sign up?

Think of it as similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. You pay a membership fee to be able to shop at their stores and purchase items that you can’t purchase other places. dōTERRA is the same, except that the products are shipped right to your door.

What is an enrollment kit?

An enrollment kit is a collection of products that dōTERRA has put together, so that you can try some of their best-selling oils without having to guess at which ones you need. Purchasing one of these kits when you enroll, already includes the $35 enrollment fee.

Do I have to purchase an enrollment kit when enrolling?

Nope. You can pick and choose what you want, “a la carte” style, instead of a kit, if you choose. By doing it this way, you are charged the $35 enrollment fee in addition to the products that you’ve added to your cart.

Do I have to place an order every month?

No! You can place one order the month you enroll and never order again, if you don’t want to. There are definitely benefits to placing an order each month, but you are not required to do that.

Side note: I enrolled with a kit and loved the oils so much that I placed another order the same month so I could get some free products and have placed an order every month since! The products work that well!

Is this MLM/Network Marketing?

Yes, this is a network marketing company. And I like that.

Some product brands choose to use their marketing budgets conventionally, paying for advertising and trying to get their products in big stores. Others pay individuals to spread the word about the product, giving them a commission of sales. That’s a really simplified explanation, by the way.

I’m not a pushy network marketer and I ask my team members not to be, either. My motto is: Use the product. Learn more about it. Share when it’s appropriate.

I like network marketing because:

  • Earning ability. I get to choose how well I do. If I don’t make a lot of money, it’s all me. If I do, well, that’s me, too.
  • Discounts. I’ve joined a couple of network marketing companies in my day, mainly because it means I get a product I really like at wholesale prices. Oh, and I get paid when I share it with others. I wish that was the case with other products I use on a regular basis.
  • Network. I like the network aspect because I like people. I like teaching and helping other people be successful. Really, this is just a ploy for me to surround myself with awesome people. :)
  • Support and Coaching. I think that this is the best way to get support with building a business, without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for help from a business coach. Even if you paid someone, they would never be as vested in your success as a DoTerra Sponsor. Eventually the course or sessions you paid them for would end, and that would be it. But your Sponsor is in the grind with you, because if you don’t win, they don’t win. For better or for worse we are selfish creatures, and if we have some skin in the game, we will put in that extra effort and determination to succeed. I don’t feel bad asking my Sponsor for help, even several times a day, because I know she is vested in my success. And I know she will motivate me and push me even if I’m having an off day, because she wants all of us on our team to succeed.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges vary by country, but for me to Canada it’s $12.99. I’m pretty sure it’s similar for every international order (outside of the USA). In the U.S. shipping is only $3.99. However you get your shipping fee back in free product points. I think that is totally awesome and I’ve never seen any other online store offer that.

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