Thrive Primal - things i love jan 2015

Things I’m Loving in January 2015

Thrive Primal - things i love jan 2015

I want to make this blog a little different in that it’s not just about the serious health stuff. I want to share some fun things too! Maybe even a little fashion, music, and other fun lifestyle stuff.

These things are actually very important for primal lifestyle design, because they play a big role in personal development and the ‘lighter side’ of a primal lifestyle – meaning the social, play-related side.

I also find I’m always curious about the real NITTY-GRITTY of someone’s day to day lifestyle. Like what they ate for breakfast, or what sort of relaxation tools they use. I mean the actual specific things or strategies, not just general philosophy.

So I hope you find the “Things I Love” series fun, useful and insightful! Hopefully we can find even more things to relate to each other with, beyond just our nutrition obsession :) Plus I’d like to strike up a discussion in the comments where we can share our favourite go-to’s, latest discoveries and best tips.

Thrive Primal - things i love jan 2015

 Thrive Primal - things i love jan 2015LISTENING: Asgeir Trausti

Sooo the other night, I listened to Asgeir’s album 3 times in a row in English, then twice in a row in Icelandic, and then once more in English. Obsessed much?? The more I listen, the more I love… Check out his album here or grab a copy here. Plus I totally dig his tats ;) Let me know in the comments what you’re listening to lately!

READING: The 5 Love Languages

Personal development and relationship development is a big part of primal lifestyle design. I had heard that this book is great for understanding one’s partner’s needs and ensuring they feel loved in the particular way that they most relate with and value. I think continuing to consciously cultivate one’s relationship is vital, so Will and I are reading this book this month! Check out a copy here.

EATING: Grass-fed beef bone broth

I’m healing my teeth and keeping my joints and gut healthy this month (and every month) with bone broth! Check out my tips here on how to always some ready to go in the fridge. Find out where to grab properly-raised meat in your area with or I know there’s also US Wellness Meats in the states, but haven’t found a good online supplier in Canada. Let me know if you know of one!  Also, you’ll be needing a crock pot! (aka slow cooker). Do yourself a favour and get this pretty one, which won’t be such an unsightly beast in your kitchen ;)

USING: Immunity & Metabolic blends

These doTerra oils are serving 2 important purposes for me this month. Slim & Sassy is helping me cleanse toxins and lose some paunch collected over the holidays. OnGuard is helping us keep our immune systems working optimally. Neither of us have gotten sick yet this season! Despite being around LOTS of sick people, like over Christmas when my little sister was literally coughing germs all over my face. I was just like bring it on! I feel iron-clad! Here’s how to get your paws on these essential oils.

DRINKING: DIY Rooibos Latte

I love crafting deluxe teas and coffees at home. I’m often making fatty coffees on weekend mornings, but I’m always looking for caffeine-free options to enjoy later in the day or as dessert. Rooibos has lots of antioxidants and minerals and I love the flavour. I made Will a latte with a little cinnamon this evening and he said it tasted like ‘baked apples’ – yum! Just heat up some milk on the stove until slightly steaming, then shake it in a jar and pour on top of the tea in a mug. Grab some good rooibos tea here.

WEARING: Big Infinity Scarves

I am basically permanently wearing a big chunky scarf like this in the winter. Like I basically have no neck. It’s so cozy and I love all the textures and colours. Usually I layer a big scarf with a long top or sweater, leggings and boots. Plus a long necklace with some natural stone or amber, and some fun earrings. That’s my winter uniform!

Let me know in the comments what your ‘winter uniform’ go-to outfit is! :)

MOVING: Biking in the snow & Yoga with Adriene

I’ve just made the decision recently to not let the cold weather keep me off the roads with my bike. Public transport in Toronto is frustrating to say the least, so biking is free, faster and keeps me moving! I’m still in the process of figuring out my perfect winter biking gear combo…Let me know if you have any pro tips!

Yoga with Adriene is often my go-to for indoor movement or restful exercise. I love her genuine personality and how she instructs. Oftentimes the way she describes a pose makes me adjust my body slightly and then I go “ohhhh, that’s how that’s supposed to feel!” I love Yoga with Adriene!

RELAXING: Beeswax candles

I absolutely LOVE beeswax candles. They smell SOO nice (like honey!) and they have so many benefits. Turns out regular paraffin candles are pretty darn toxic (!!) since they’re made from the sludge in the bottom of oil barrels and are subjected to various chemical processes, resulting in a carcinogen-emitting abomination. I wish I would’ve known that a long time ago! I totally used to crank through those cheap tealights from Ikea. Anyway! Beeswax is awesome, it purifies the air and helps against allergies. Grab some here and get burning! Using candles at night is great for a calming atmosphere to get away from blue-light pollution and enhance sleep.

Share what you’re loving below

Well that’s a wrap folks? What are you loving this month? Any great discoveries or lessons learned? I’d love to hear from you ;) or share on the Thrive Primal Facebook page!


Thrive Primal - things i love jan 2015

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