Easy Paleo recipe: remineralizing tooth powder

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Last week, I discussed the merits of oil pulling, and whether there was any scientific evidence to back up all the claims floating around on the net. It turns out that there was, and as a result I’m halfway through a two week oil pulling regime. Hurrah! But something that all the studies agreed on was that oil pulling alone wasn’t enough for optimum oral health – for that we need the humble toothbrush…

Why conventional toothpaste is harming your health

Have you ever paid any attention to those Colgate (or any other big-name toothpaste brand) ads? You’ll notice they always have snappy signoffs like “the toothpaste that dentists use!”. Well, while your average conventional dentist might know his or her way around a tooth filling or cavity, they’re not always up to speed on the latest and greatest when it comes to everyday oral hygiene.

And it turns out that the “toothpaste that dentists use” isn’t something that you want to be using! There’s all that triclosan, all those synthetic chemicals and additives, and of course fluoride (hint: it’s not as healthy as you think!). As one recent study concluded:

“A proportion of ingredients (28.9% [n = 13]) were found to be both unnecessary to improving the oral health of children and solely used to increase their appeal. Of this list of unnecessary ingredients, 69.2% (n = 9) were shown to have contamination risks associated with chronic consumption, including enamel demineralization.”

Let me just get this straight: almost a third of ingredients in toothpaste are completely unnecessary, and some of them can even damage your teeth?? That probably explains why 98% of the population suffer from oral health problems. Thanks a lot, toothpaste.

Make your own DIY paleo toothpaste

As ever, the solution is to take matters into your own hands. With the exception of the wonderful folks over at OraWellness, you can’t really even trust the supposedly “healthy/alternative” toothpaste brands. They always manage to slip something nasty in there, regardless of best intentions.

And as I was scouring the net for a solution, I came across a tooth remineralizing recipe from WellnessMama. The below recipe is a slight adaptation on hers, and it’s just as effective – I can personally attest to that! We use it morning and night, and it’s working wonders for our pearly whites.

DIY recipe: remineralizing “toothpaste”

The word “toothpaste” has quotation marks around it because it’s more of a powder, if I’m completely honest. But don’t let that put you off – the powder is just as easy to use as conventional toothpaste. If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t stress too much – the main thing is that you use bentonite clay and baking soda. Bentonite clay is a swelling clay that attracts and binds to toxins in the mouth (or anywhere for that matter), making it an excellent choice for detoxifying the mouth and giving your teeth and gums a helping hand. Baking soda (which you’ll incidentally find in conventional toothpaste – quite possibly the only good ingredient!) contains essential minerals, whitens teeth, and is alkalizing.



Track down a wide-mouth mason jar or medium-sized glass jar of any kind. Make sure it has a lid, as you’ll be using this stuff for at least a few weeks!

Next, carefully spoon/sprinkle all of the ingredients into the jar. Using a teaspoon, mix thoroughly until all the ingredients are blended equally.

To use, either dip your toothbrush into a little coconut oil or simply dampen with water, then dip your brush into the powder mix. Use the bass brushing technique to get rid of all that plaque without damaging your gums, and rinse with cool to warm water.

To store your remineralizing tooth powder, simply put the lid on! It’ll last for months, as there’s no ingredient that will spoil. Plus there’s no risk of mold, on account of all the antimicrobial agents present in your powder.

And if you can’t be bothered making your own, there’s always the OraWellness HealThyMouth Blend. It’s your call!

Have you tried a natural oral care routine? Has it helped to reverse cavities, kick bad breath…that kind of thing? We’d love to hear your stories!

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