4 Treatment Methods for Pesky Plantar Fasciitis

This is a guest post from Sally Writes, a¬†freelance writer specializing in health and outdoors topics. If you’ve ever had plantar fasciitis, then you know pain. That sharp, stabbing pain or deep, aching pain in the middle of your heel or along the arch of your foot caused by the inflammation of the connective tissue […]

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Natural Candida albicans treatment: what works and what doesn’t

Candida natural overgrowth treatment

[This is part of an ongoing series which looks at how to naturally, effectively and permanently beat your candida problem using methods which don’t compromise your health in the process. We’ve compiled all this information and more in a 30-day protocol in our comprehensive ebook] Candida albicans. Hearing its exotic-sounding name triggers feelings of either […]

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