Buying the best essential oil diffuser

So, you’ve seen the amazing health and wellness benefits that essential oils can bring into your life. Excellent. You’ve signed up as a wellness advocate with the likes of doTERRA or Young Living, are buying oils on a regular basis, and use them daily. Awesome. Perhaps you’re just buying oils occasionally, when you’re favorites run […]

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How to not get overwhelmed with healthy lifestyle changes

Thrive Primal - how to avoid getting overwhelmed with healthy lifestyle changes

When you have chronic pain and digestive discomfort and headaches and anxiety and you’re tired and your hectic week just keeps rollin’ on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the healthy changes you’re trying to make. You might be spending hours a day researching what to avoid and what to buy and what to eat, and […]

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How to find relief from stress and anxiety with essential oils

Thrive Primal_essential oils for anxiety and stress relief

This is a follow-up to my previous post on anxiety. In addition to breathing techniques, music and other strategies I’ve talked about before, I’ve recently discovered the wonderful potential of essential oils. Not just a pretty scent… We all understand that smelling something pretty, like inhaling the perfume of a rose for example, makes you feel […]

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